Educational Demands for Practicing Acupuncture

Undergraduate Education and Learning: The applicant needs to have finished two complete years of undergraduate study at a certified university or international college establishment which the Committee on Acupuncture considers the matching for Acupuncture practice.

Undergraduate Sciences as well as Lab Need: The candidate has to have finished, at an accredited college or a Committee on Acupuncture authorized acupuncture institution, a three-term hour training course in each of the following: general biology, human physiology, as well as human anatomy. For applicants getting in acupuncture school after 6/30/2009, a minimum of among these science programs needs to have a laboratory program requirement.

Acupuncture Education and Learning: The candidate must have finished a minimum of 1,905 hours of clinical and didactic guideline in acupuncture related courses, of which a minimum of 100 hours have to remain in the supervised medical diagnosis and therapy of clients for whom the applicant is only accountable, in a college authorized by the Committee on Acupuncture.

Fundamental Herbology Need: The applicant must have obtained a minimum of 30 hours of natural medicine training from a Committee on Acupuncture authorized school or Committee on Acupuncture approved the program in order to be accredited.

Foreign Education and Acupuncture Education: People from foreign whose post-secondary education is incorporated with acupuncture training with university degree education should have a minimum of five (5) complete academic years of study, three (3) academic years need to consist of acupuncture training in a Committee on Acupuncture approved college. All transcripts should be in English as well as needs to mention the number of hours for every class, the number of hours for the whole program, the variety of months present and the day the diploma was awarded. Since Jan. 1, 2009, the applicant needs to get credentials to examine the record from AACRAO.

COA Authorized Acupuncture Institution: A candidate must have finished from an acupuncture school accepted by the COA.

Records: An original record has to be sent straight from a candidate’s undergraduate school to the Acupuncture Unit.