Common Myths Busted about the UPSC Exam

You will find a lot of aspirants who want to clear the UPSC exam. The UPSC exam is considered to be one of the toughest exams conducted in India. Once an aspirant clears this exam, career opportunities in civil services tend to open up. Every aspirant needs to be fully aware of the UPSC prelims exam online. This information about exams will help in putting efforts in the right direction.

With time, you will find out a lot of people who have some myths regarding the UPSC exam. In this blog, we will look at the common myths prevailing about the UPSC exam. Let’s check out.


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Common myths regarding the UPSC exam


Frequently Asked Questions

Common myths regarding the UPSC exam

During the preparation for the UPSC exam, most of the aspirants will come to know about different myths that people talk about in this exam. Better never focus on these myths and keep on putting in genuine efforts until you clear the exam with great marks.

  • Only toppers can crack the UPSC exam:According to trusted sources, the UPSC exam is one of the most difficult exams to crack in India. But this doesn’t mean the aspirant who has topped every class in their entire life will clear this exam with good marks on the first attempt. To clear this exam, the aspirants need not be a topper, rather they need to be hard-working and smart working. The combination of both these things will help to clear the exam on time.
  • All UPSC aspirants should know everything under the sun: Although the UPSC exam is considered to be the toughest exam. To clear this exam, the person needs to do a lot of study work. Even after all the study, aspirants can’t know everything around the world. Rather the aspirant should have a sixth sense to evaluate the correct answer for anything asked in the exam.
  • UPSC aspirants need coaching classes: Nowadays a lot of coaching classes like Physics Wallah are there who are providing the best of guidance to every student that comes to them. But some aspirants are not willing to take the coaching centre, but they put in their hard work and still clear exams with great marks. You can get to know about the UPSC prelim exam online from different resources.
  • Writing skills cannot be improved: There is a misconception that the writing skills of aspirants cannot be improved at any cost. If the aspirant is dedicated to working to clear up the exam, they need to practice a lot of mock tests. This practice done in advance will help the aspirants to improve their writing skills. We all are aware of the fact that practice makes a man perfect. The UPSC aspirants will be assessed on how they attempt the exam. So, the writing needs to be very strong and it always has a chance of improvement which can be done through the preparation of mock tests.
  • Attempt maximum questions in the exam: A lot of aspirants might think that to score high marks, they need to attempt a lot of questions. But it is a myth, the aspirant needs to be aware of the fact that every wrong question might lead to a negative marking. If you don’t want any sort of deduction from the total earned marks. Make sure that you are attempting all the questions that you are sure of. Read every question twice to know what exactly will be its answer.
  • Candidates need to study for 16 hours daily: It is a fact that the extensive UPSC syllabus demands high effort from candidates. But it is a complete myth that all aspirants need to study at least 16 hours straight. It is just that the candidate needs to plan their study schedule so well that they can do everything they want. Even if you study for 10 hours according to plan, this will help in clearing the exam with great marks.
  • Make notes of every single topic: The UPSC exam has a vast syllabus to cover. To do this, the student needs to make sure that they go through every part of the syllabus well. Many people think that making notes for every topic will be helpful in the last preparation, rather save up time on making notes on unimportant topics. Read them thoroughly so that you have proper knowledge about them.

All these are myths which are prevailing in the mind of candidates in general. During the preparation for the UPSC prelim exam 2023, the candidate just makes sure that they have gone through every guideline available online regarding this exam. Don’t come into someone’s useless talk. Make your research so that you know what is reality.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to prepare for the UPSC exam?


Answer If you are aspiring to enrol in the UPSC exam. Starts the preparation for this exam as soon as possible. To clear the UPSC exam, the aspirant has to cove an extensive syllabus which will take long hours to go through.


Which is the best place to take UPSC coaching?

Answer. Although a lot of online platforms are providing the facility of UPSC coaching. Physics Wallah is one of the best platforms that has a great staff to help students understand exams well.

Which resources are great for the preparation of the UPSC exam?

Answer. All the aspirants should refer to different books both online and offline, along with practice papers just to improve their writing skills in the exam.