Certain Conditions Need Orthodontic Care Not General Dentistry

An orthodontist and family dentist work in the field of dentistry. Both these professionals are different from each other and have different roles. People think they need an orthodontist only when kids get braces. In reality, an orthodontist does more than just fix braces.

The orthodontist Rancho Bernardo works with both adults as well as your children. The orthodontist of Hekmat Dental Care offers the most advanced and the best orthodontic care.

The Hekmat Dental Care has orthodontists’ special education in biomechanics and oral biology. An orthodontist corrects several teeth, jaw, and mouth-related problems.

With additional training and education, they can even fix significant issues. Orthodontic treatment can serve cosmetic and functional purpose. Some people seek orthodontic help for restoration purpose, but many seek orthodontists to improve their dental health. It helps them to prevent problems in future. If you don’t know whether to seek general dentist help or an orthodontist, you should ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do your teeth protrude, stick out or flare?
  • Does your bite look deep? Do your upper teeth overlap the lower teeth when you bite?
  • Do your teeth have gaps when closing? Can you bring back your upper and lower teeth to close together?
  • Did you notice little or too much space between your teeth? Did you see crowding or gaps?
  • How are your midlines lined up? Is there a line between the front teeth with the lower teeth?
  • Do your teeth have a crossbite? Do your upper teeth fit inside your lower back teeth?

If your answer is a yes, get an appointment with orthodontist 4S Ranch. You don’t have answers to these questions. The only thing you can do is to look for the signs, but the question here is how you will know what symptoms to look for. Read on to know the signs for you to visit an orthodontist.

Breathing through teeth

One of the telltale signs for you to see an orthodontist is mouth breathing. Mouth breathing indicates blocked airways. It has everything to do with the width of your jaws. It becomes hard to breathe through the nose as your narrow jaw will obstruct or block your airways.

If you do not treat it on time, mouth breathing can be life-threatening as it leads to sleep apnea. Your orthodontist will create a treatment plan for you to open your airways and expand your jaw.

Speech impediment

Orthodontic care is not for getting braces 4S Ranch. It also helps people with a speech impediment. If you have a speech impediment or lisp, it may be the result of your orthodontic condition. A poor bite condition or malocclusion makes it hard to bring your upper and lower teeth together. It makes it difficult to pronounce certain sounds evenly.

An unnatural opening between your teeth creates a lisp while your tongue tries to enunciate. Sometimes, these open spaces occur in over jets and open bites. Though, orthodontic treatment can realign upper teeth with lower teeth and expand the jaw for proper speech ability.

Uneven alignment

Is it difficult for you to chew food? Do you feel uncomfortable while eating? It is a sign of poor bite condition. When your upper teeth do not meet your lower teeth evenly. An uneven alignment can affect your airways, jaw function, and even posture. The poor bite conditions include open bites, overbites, and crossbites.


If you notice your upper teeth extend over your lower teeth or your lower teeth is jutting beyond upper teeth, it is time for you to fix an appointment with an orthodontist.

Multiple treatments

Another obvious sign that you need orthodontic care is when you have crooked or misaligned teeth. Sometimes, you need braces to correct your teeth structure. These days, people can choose between traditional metal braces and ceramic braces. They also have lingual braces to make their choice from these braces stick to the backside of the teeth.

Jaw and mouth pain

If you are experiencing jaw or mouth pain, it is a sign you need to see an orthodontist. In such a situation, people think of visiting a general dentist, but an orthodontist can help you by providing insight into your problem and possible solution.

You are getting treatment for the misalignment of teeth. You have your braces. Some patients have to visit the orthodontic clinic because of the damaged bracket, poking wires, broken elastic ligatures, and mouth irritation.

Orthodontics is beyond general dentistry. Whether you or your children are having some problem or see something out of the ordinary, visiting a dentist is essential. If your dentist fails to give you any solution, you will get a recommendation to visit an orthodontist for help.

An orthodontist will conduct an appropriate test to get an insight into your problem, and then they will recommend the perfect solution for your condition. No matter how severe your problem is, an orthodontist will come up with a personalized treatment for your alignment to give you a healthy and confident smile. They will help you gain confidence to smile happily. With orthodontic care, you do not have to hide your smile.