Best Live Streaming Services For Movies And TV Online

Online streaming from movies and television series has been an ever-growing industry since its release in the early 2010’s but has become seriously big business in 2020 when many of us have been forced to stay at home to combat the spread of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. Due to this, and as the virus continues, we compiled a list of some of the best streaming services that are widely available to us consumers to allow for hours of watching entertainment.

First of all, and the pioneer in the industry that first started the craze of these types of services is of course that of Netflix. Netflix was first brought onto the scene in 2012 and was the innovative company that first developed this kind of service. Netflix has quite easily the biggest library out of all of this list on here with multiple favourites like Breaking Bad and Prison Break. Although you are getting the best library in terms of movies and tv’s, you will have to pay a price for this as it is the most expensive per month compared to the others on this list.

Looking for another form of entertainment other that movie and tv streaming services in 2020? Online casinos have also seen a similar rise in numbers during these troubled times, especially when looking here. These particular casinos have one of the widest variety of casino games and promotional deals and sign up offers for all new customers.

Next on the list is Prime Video that is brought to us by e-commerce marketplace giants Amazon. Amazon burst onto the scene having seen the success that Netflix had received in 2012 and so the big fish of the industry wanted to get a slice of the cake. Amazon comes at you with a wide range of shows including the exclusive release of Borat 2. Amazon will cost you around £8 per month but with Amazon Prime, you don’t just get the video streaming service but will have access to free next day delivery on many of their Prime items on their e-commerce marketplace.

And finally, one of the newer players in the market is that of Disney+ which came onto the scene this year in March. Disney+ is the exclusive provider of Disney content on their streaming services which offers all the classics on your screen for a very affordable price. The only issue with Disney+ is the content is somewhat limited currently but as it develops we are sure to see new content as time passes.