Best Laptops For Everyday Use


Laptops have always been a growing in popularity ever since their release due to how they can be used now-a-days in everyday life. They were potentially under-threat at one point due to the tablet craze, but laptop still sit as king of the hill for everyday internet use. There are hundreds of different producers to choose from and can be daunting buying a laptop, so we thought we’d make it easily for you and show you the best laptops on the market right now for everyday use.


[Image: Pocket-lint]


Our favourite laptop in the budget price range has to be the Honor Magicbook 14/15 which we believe is that good that it can be compared with the MacBook but at half the price. Honor is a relatively new brand to the technology industry but they have taken the industry by storm due to their cheap prices. The Magicbook 14/15 gives you a premium feeling laptop due to its all-metal dark grey exterior, the screen is well-lit and colour variation does seem decent for the price and the battery life is around 10 hours so if you are looking for a budget laptop, this it is.


In terms of the mid-range laptops, then the MacBook Air is defo the way we would go due to the cross over it will allow with all of your other Apple products. The MacBook is highly desirable, very impressive and a thing of beauty. The screen brings the retina display similar to what is seen in the iPhones, the trackpad is one of the most impressive features due to all the functions you can use on it and the keyboard is beautiful to reply to all your e-mail on. Although the MacBook is expensive for just everyday use, they are a beautiful machine.


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Now if you want to go all out on a laptop that delivers on every sense, then the Asus ZenBook Duo really is the mecca of all laptops at the moment. This laptop brings an unusual design in which you get a duo screen which will allow for perfect multi-tasking – something that you don’t get on another laptop. You certainly pay a premium for this laptop, but it is worth it.


[Image: The Verge]