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Benefits of Balustrading

Balustrades are the railings we often saw with staircases, balconies, and railing along the roofs. It has become a major part of the modern architecture and is available in a lot of options. There was a chance when balustrading was done using wood, softwood, and hardwood only. Now, however, the times are changing. There is a wide array of materials now which is being used for balustradings such as glass, steel, chrome, and iron to name a few. But what benefit does one get by installing balustrades in their homes and offices? Let us find that out.

Safety feature

People who have kids at home will agree with us saying that one can never take enough precautions with them. The fear of a child falling off the roof or slipping from the stair’s railing is every parent’s nightmare. With balustrading, you can at least be assured that the kids nor would fall neither would try to slip past the railings out of curiosity. Even with you being away, the kids will be safe.

Modern appearance

Since balustrading is a part of the modern-day architecture, introducing it in the final touches of the building will give your place a more modern and chic appearance. Moreover, you can always go an extra step and get the balustrades properly designed to give them a unique look for added effects.

Easy to clean

If you are a clean freak or maybe one of those people who like to ensure that every corner or their house is clean, then with balustrades, they wouldn’t have to worry at all. The balustrades, no matter what material, they are made of are fairly easy to clean. This means a modern looking home without compromising on the hygiene factor at all.

Options for material

Just because someone you know got the balustrading in wood, doesn’t mean you have to go with the same options and ruin the look of your home or office. If you feel that some other material will be a better fit then by all means go and discuss it with your contractor. You have many options now to choose from and this means not limiting yourself anymore.


You will be surprised at the extent of durability that you can get from balustrading. One might assume that only the ones made from steel, iron or other metal would be durable but this is wrong. Even the balustrades made from glass can last with you for a long time and be surprisingly strong and durable for you.

With these benefits in mind, we now must have convinced you to add this appealing feature to your roofs and stairs. If you are looking for the bets quality balustrades to invest in then do have a look at the ones offered by SHS products.  We believe in quality and this is why our balustrades are being used from airports and swimming pools to schools, houses and hospitals alike. We will not only help you decide and make the most out of the balustrades you choose for yourself.