Belyashi is an old – fashioned food!

How to Make Belyashi?

Some of Belyashis recipe are very old . its recipe has come to us from our ancestors . this delicious food never gets old . Belyashis fans are increasing day by day . you can hardly have a plate of it at your dinner table , because you filch Belyashi when you frying . I prefer don’t use this dish a lot , we use lots of oil for frying . the way to increase health of food is to bake this thick and spongy dough . again , you cannot resist eating Belyashi .

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Some one has his own recipe for this dish . I prefer to fill Belyashi from various material’s . some people in my family like to stuff it with meat , cottage cheese and cabbage . you can use fruits or jam for filling Belyashi . just prepare it once and after a while you will crave Belyashi again . if not , give it a try . we serve it hot , but its also zestful when its cold . when you go around you can put it in your picnic basket as a cold sandwich . we serve Belyashi  by bread and a bowl of soup , or dunking it in favorite  sauce . Im sure you will enjoy this delicious dish as much as I do .

What you need for Belyashi’s dough :

You need Water , milk , sugar , dry active yeast , egg , sour cream , melted butter , slightly salt and flour .

Mix milk and water and heat them . add yeast and sugar , heat until sugar is dissolved . it takes 15 minute . in an other container stir egg , salt and sour sauce with low speed by whisk . then add butter and stir again . add flour step by step and knead up to you have starch dough . cover it by towel , let it rise .

belyashi recipe

What you need for Belyashi’s filling :

Use turkey yeast , pork , small onion , garlic , egg , salt and pepper . merge chopped meat , crushed garlic , egg ,salt , pepper and grated onion . mix  well with hand . cover it , put it in fridge .

Now its time to make tasty Belyashi :

Divide batter to arbitrary parts , grease your hand and flatten each part then fill . surround edges together . do it well till don’t spread while frying . again grease your hand and shape Belyashi any way you want . I made them oval . ( in the photo . )


Heat the oil , fry Belyashi . fry each side of it 2 minute . when it gets golden its ready . put Belyashi at paper towel . do all steps  for the rest of the material again . don’t fill and fry them all at the same time , it takes up a lot of time . wait 15 minutes to cool  Belyashi down . enjoy it ! until I remember , to say that in Siberia by Belyashi they serve sweetener too . they try different  sauce with Belyashi , they make it in variety shapes too . try different recipe to make Belyashi . but this recipe has been test many times and its confirmed . who make Belyashi with this recipe , defines it . depending on your taste you can add or remove some materials or replace them with your favorite ones . try other flavors as well .

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