Back shot what to do?

That’s why you feel back pain!

It differs a lot from person to person why we have back problems. A very sedentary work and lack of natural physical activity is one of many contributing factors. More unknown is that there are also hereditary differences. Getready will guide you with great knowledge.

Gym for a strong back!

One of the best tricks to prevent back pain is to go to the gym a couple of times a week. You can often get help from skilled chiropractors who help design an individual back program. Parts of the program can then be performed at home.

What else can be done to prevent back pain?

The best tip for preventing back shots is to learn to sit, lie down, stand and lift in a way that does not strain the back. Feel free to vary your working position several times during the day, take “micro breaks”, get up and walk a few turns in the room from time to time!

The back shot specialist is happy to produce a completely individually adapted analysis so that you can reduce the risk of future back shots.

Back shots and back pain are often not mental!

Our chiropractors at Ryggskottspecialisten always take your problems seriously. We know that in the background of your back pain and your back shots there is usually a physical base. However, stress can be a partial cause of back pain.

Can it be dangerous to ignore your back shot?

Our chiropractors at the back shot specialist know that it is not possible to give a general answer to that question. The causes of back pain are many and often completely harmless.

Although the causes may be unusual, we as professionals must always keep them in mind. These can be kidney diseases, infections or tumors. For the patient, it is impossible to decide for yourself whether it is dangerous or not.

If you have had back pain for a couple of days and it does not start to get better, you should seek a chiropractor for an examination. In general, it can be said that problems that have been around for a long time usually heal worse and often need more treatments and if you get a back shot more than once, it is probably a recurring problem.

What do I do if I get an acute back shot?

The back shot specialist recommends that you rest in the position that hurts the least and try to move as painlessly as possible. Do not try to force yourself into painful movements.

Local cooling treatment for about 10 minutes can be repeated 3-5 times a day for a few days if it relieves the pain, but otherwise make sure to dress warmly so that the muscles do not get chilled. Avoid placing a heating pad or heating pad on the painful area, but feel free to take a hot shower. Possibly a slightly lighter painkiller for a few days may help. If the back shot has not healed in a couple of days.

Psoas position at back shot

This means that you lie on your back or side, bending your hips and knees at a right angle. Then take a support for the lower legs and feel free to place a pillow between your knees if you are lying on your side. In this position, a back muscle called the psoas relaxes and in many people the back pain is relieved.