Accident Laws in Road Work Zones

Being involved in an automobile accident is never ideal. Being involved in an accident that takes place in a road work zone, though, can be especially troubling. In many states, including Texas, fines double in a road work zone. This means that if you have an accident in a road work zone that is deemed to be your fault, you could end up paying a hefty fine. With that said, though, there are things that you can do to avoid being found at fault for an accident that takes place in a work zone.

What to do if You are Involved in a Road Work Zone Accident

If you are in an accident that involves another driver, proving that the other driver was at fault is always a possibility, regardless of whether the accident takes place in a road work zone or not. However, accidents that don’t involve another driver can make it more difficult to prove that you were not at fault.

Many times, however, accidents that take place in a road work zone are the fault of the government or the contractors that were working in the area rather than the driver. It is the duty of those in charge of a road work zone to ensure that the area is safe for drivers. If they breach that duty and their breach of duty led to your accident, not only are you able to argue that you are not at fault for the accident and avoid any fines, you may also be able to seek compensation for any injuries or damage to your property that might have occurred.

Of course, avoiding accidents in a work zone altogether is always going to be the best approach. Any time you enter a road work zone, it’s best to reduce your speed and pay careful attention to your surroundings. In most cases, road work zones are kept safe and accidents can be avoided with enough precaution.

If, however, you have been involved in a road work zone accident that you feel is not your fault, it’s important to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. A good personal injury lawyer may be able to help you avoid the hefty fines associated with work zone accidents as well as seek compensation from those responsible for the wreck.