A reality check on Digital Marketing Career?

 The tales of digital marketers are becoming cases studies for B-Schools. Within a very short span, the state of the art of the marketing industry has altered remarkably. The industry has widened its umbrella from being just a mode of reaching consumers through websites to an extensive range of tools to specifically target your customer. Taking Digital Marketing Courses have become a need of the hour!

With zero entry barriers, plethora options to work for and an enthralling industry growth, digital marketing career is the jazz of the hour. Each crossroad has a novel digital marketing chronicle waiting to enlighten you.

You think you know enough about the digital marketing career? Are you very confident about your knowledge? Are you aware of the significance of SEO Courses in Mumbai? Let us put you through a litmus test.

  • Do you know since when the ‘digital marketing’ mania began taking roots?

Before you wrack your brains to answer, let me tell you, it wasn’t in the 1990s or early 2000s. It was in the mid-1980s when a company promoted its automobile client, wherein the customers received floppy disks installed with advertisements and free test drive offers. Never heard of it, right? Of course, it was very niche at that time, but digital marketing picked its pace by 1990s from where it began to branch out as an industry.

  • Do you know what assortment of job roles you get in digital marketing?

The mélange of job profiles at disposal validates the kind of growth this industry is going to foresee. The profiles like digital marketing manager, search engine optimizer, social media marketing executive, content writer & strategist, conversion rate optimizer, inbound marketer and the list continues. These job roles not only provides a variety for you to fit-in but also future-proof your careers to be digital-ready.

  • Do you know that you can be a digital marketing government employee?

Astonished? Yes! With the demonetization ripples yet to phase out, government has been increasingly making plans to move the country towards digitization. They are hiring digital professionals to escalate the process of digitization for all the bodies that work with government assistance. The ‘sarkari naukri’ dream of many can be brought to life with digital marketing career as well. Ringing Bells!

  • Do you know that your job can possibly be not 9 to 5 and yet be a full-time job?

That’s true! This particular work field has no job restrictions. You can work in-office or at home or from anywhere else, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. You can work according to your convenience and yet get equally paid as the full-time employees. It is an profession for freelancers, mothers and part-time workers. You can work on your targets as per your schedule. Alluring, right?

Got some reality checks? The digital marketing industry is more exciting than it seems to be. We hope we added some value to your exorbitant knowledge. With such great offerings that the industry grants and the speedy growth & evolvement of this industry, digital marketing is indeed one of the phenomenal careers to take up. Its high time you enroll yourself into a Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai. Let’s blaze a trail buddy!