A Jungian Psychoanalysis NYC Approach to Anxiety

The Jungian Psychoanalysis NYC approach is a style of psychodynamic “talk therapy” founded by Carl Jung. Carl Jung believed  strongly in the power and essence of the unconscious happenings. Also he believed that the unconscious is in one way or the other related to the conscious. The Jungian approach is quite different from the conventional psychological approach in solving psychological related issues. This method adopts the best current scientific psychological knowledge about human behavior and mode of thinking,  then combines it effectively with philosophical and spiritual wisdom.

There is a lot of pressure in the modern day world, which has further increased anxiety disorder in people.  People are always constantly in thought of how to pay bills including rents,  bank loans,  mortgage and others. Yet,  they possess this innermost enthusiasm to stay positive and live a relatively successful lifestyle.Image result for A Jungian Psychoanalysis NYC Approach to Anxiety

Anxiety is a subconscious way of our mental faculty indicating that we are living an unbalanced life which requires adjustment via a positive state of mind. There are signs to know when you’re suffering from an anxiety disorder. It is better to come to self realization and understand that anxiety is a way of keeping us in check in life rather than pass it off as a mere occurrence. Carl Jung postulated that the symptoms of anxiety are purposive, functional and usually comes with a goal. Anxiety disorder can be completely taken care of through the use of drugs. Rather than view anxiety as something to be eliminated, with medication, we need to see that the psyche is giving us a clear message about our one-sided life and is gently asking us to change this

Most people usually experience anxiety in mid-life,  when there is usually the mid-life crisis. This is because the first phase of life is usually targeted at creating an identity, maintaining a relationship,  nurturing a career and pulling strings to ensure that all these come into fruition. But, there comes a stage where one begins to ask salient questions about life’s general meaning and the journey through it. Questions like these then readily comes into one’s mind: What is my purpose in life?, Why am I here?, How can I live a more balanced, natural life?. Anxiety can be used as a tool of transformation in one’s life.  The perfect solution to this problem is to address the root causes of the symptoms. When you begin to seek solutions to the root causes of anxiety disorder,  your psyche will be enhanced and will become more effective in dealing with anxiety disorders. Drugs might bring temporary relief but addressing the root causes will offer you a long lasting solution.