A few interesting facts about the history of the laptop case bags

The history of the emergence of modern cover notebook laptop case goes back far into the past. In ancient times, it served as a regular bag leather bag for storage of small things that were on a long stick to hands-free operation. Since the inception of commodity relations became necessary to carry money, and precious stones, was used for this bag, which were mostly on the belt as a kind of purse. And only in the beginning of the XV century, this accessory started to focus on. It began to decorate with embroidery, precious stones and other decorative details. But in the XVII century, there was another boom in the fashion industry – clothes adorned King pocket, which served as an excellent alternative to the bag for a strong half of mankind. After another 100 years the world has conquered new models for true fashionistas in a handbag on a thin chain and “pompadours” lace. And there were the first male and female bags, which became the prototype of modern covers.

XX century – a turning point in the history of the bag

Back in the late nineteenth century, the bag has become an indispensable accessory that is used not only as a purse, elegant ladies bag, but also for the transport of bulky items while traveling. But the XX century can be called a well-deserved in the history of progressive transformation of the usual bag an indispensable accessory for daily use.

Stages improvements bags:

– at the end of the XIX century we saw the first light travel bags from the world famous Louis Vuitton designer;

– in the 20s to replace the straps that tied bags, buckles come in the form of lightning;

80’s pleased fashion connoisseurs with the legendary Hermes handbag, for which even now many wealthy women are ready to give more than one thousand dollars;

– this century has presented the most famous women of fashion model handbags by Chanel, which is even now at the peak of popularity;

a variety of accessories for stylish men in the form of cases, briefcases and badgers have also appeared.

Modern laptop case covers for laptops combine the best qualities of each of the models that were created more than a century. Therefore, to date, the bag is a stylish accessory. They delight their owners not only smart functionality, excellent barrier properties, but also personality. On our site you can order the most unusual models that can highlight your unique taste!

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