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A Brief Guide to Choosing a Perfect Wood Finish 

Whether you are planning to paint your garden fence or the vintage etagere in your bedroom, knowing which wood finishes or coating to use makes all the difference.

Wood painting is gaining popularity in today’s world where everyone is trying to be sustainable and environment friendly. Instead of throwing away your worn-out furniture, you can give them a new life by simply painting them.

Read along to know more about wood coating and which wood coating by Asian Paints you must check out in 2022.

Before Purchasing a Wood Coating 

The worst mistake you can do is blindly pick a wood coating from the paint store aisle. You must observe your wooden furniture and buy a wood coating which is perfect for it. You must do your research and learn about the pros and cons of using a certain wood coating. If a wood coating can be hazardous, then you must wear proper protective gear while painting your furniture.

How to Choose a Wood Coating


Typically, you use wood finishes on your wooden furniture to protect them from the harsh glares of the sun, moisture, dust and rust. Hence, whatever damage you want to protect your wood from, make sure that the wood coating offers that kind of protection. Some common problems which wood furniture need protection from involve cracking, chemical abrasions, swelling and rotting.

Choose the right tool 

You can either a brush, sprayer or a cloth to paint your wood. You must choose a tool that is ideal for your wood project and one that you are comfortable using. A pro tip for beginners who have never used a sprayer before is to test out a piece of cardboard before they spray their precious vintage furniture. If you are sceptical about painting your wooden furniture on your own, you can hire a professional wood painter through Asian Paints Safe Painting Service and relax knowing that the wood painter will paint your wooden furniture the correct way.

Know what you want 

Do you want your furniture to have a natural and raw look? Then probably you must opt for varnishes, tung oil or linseed oil, which will give your wood a natural-looking appearance without hiding the wood grain. However, if you want your wood paint to have a deeper hue which will hide the wood grain, you must go for wood finishes like shellac and lacquer. You can also check out water-based wood finishes if you want a natural look for your wooden furniture.

Wood Finishes by Asian Paints 

No matter what kind of wooden surface you wish to paint, there is a wood coating by Asian Paints perfect for you. The WoodTech range by Asian Paints has a plethora of wood finishes which will give your old and rusty wooden furniture a new life. If you are looking for a wood coating that will give you a mirror-like sheen, then invest in WoodTech Polyester Gold by Asian Paints. For people who are looking for a stain, water and scratch-resistant wood coating you can opt for either WoodTech Emporio Regal PU White or WoodTech Emporio Regal PU Clear. People who want a low-smell wood finish, which is child-safe must consider checking out WoodTech Aquadur PU Interior Matt, WoodTech Aquadur PU Exterior Gloss or WoodTech Aquadur PU Interior Gloss.

Remember to reach the instructions behind the wood finish tin to know the time it will take to completely cure. We would recommend not to move your freshly painted furniture for at least a day or two or until they are completely cured.

Looking for a one-stop destination to shop for highly durable and affordable wood stains, finishes and wood paints? Head over to the Asian Paints website right away and grab modern wood paints that will help you revive your old furniture and make them look as new as ever.