A Beginner’s Guide to Voice Drops

If you’re wondering how to make your direct marketing message stand out, a ringless voicemail drop is a great option to consider. Unlike time-intensive phone calls, which require a live answer in order to really convert, a voice drop delivers a pre-recorded voicemail directly to a customer. These sorts of communications can be great for quick updates about shipping dates or a doctor’s appointment, and also have marketing and business applications as well. If you’re completely new to creating and deploying voice drops, here’s everything that you need to know in order to start using this exciting technology.

The first thing to note when deciding whether or not you want to use ringless voicemail drops in your business is whether or not they are TCPA compliant in your business. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act is a piece of legislation that helps regulate unwanted phone communications and solicitations from businesses who have not received express consent from the party contacting them. While this may sound frightening to someone new to the world of ringless voicemail and automated phone calls, in actuality there are plenty of scenarios when using a ringless voicemail drop is perfectly legal. In situations where the information is being provided as part of an emergency alert system, by delivery companies, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and healthcare providers, ringless voice drops are completely TCPA exempt. For marketing and sales purposes, you are welcome to solicit sales as long as you’ve legally gained the customer’s consent prior to initiating the ringless voicemail drop.

Once you’ve decided that a ringless voicemail drop is a good fit for your business, it’s time to work on crafting the right message. Remember that your customers will receive your voicemail drop as a voicemail to be listened to, so it’s good to consider a few guidelines about leaving polite and effective voicemails when you write your copy. For example, you’ll want to make sure that your voicemail is short and to the point, identifies your company, and feels personal. When it comes to recording your voicemail, you can record it yourself using your phone or can hire out a voice actor to deliver the message. Regardless of which option you choose, be sure to have a friendly, personable tone that lets your customers know that you’re approachable and caring. A rushed, aggressive, or sloppy voicemail can leave the wrong impression.

One thing that many beginners are conscious of when considering ringless voice drops is how much they’ll have to pay for the service. Pricing for voice drops varies based on the volume of voicemails you are looking to deliver; however, it’s important to realize that your business may qualify for a free ringless voicemail drop if you are looking to get started experimenting with this type of technology. A business like Stratics Networks even offers unlimited options for its voice and telecommunications technologies, letting larger companies operating at the enterprise level really take advantage of a pricing structure that doesn’t hold them back.

While this may be your first time considering ringless voicemail drops, the technology behind this kind of marketing and communication actually dates back to the late 1990s. As such, companies such as Stratics Networks, who pioneered this technology, have spent time and energy updating voice drops to work in the 21st century and an era where smartphones have become ubiquitous. This proliferation of smartphones actually has helped ringless voice drops become far more effective, as more and more consumers are likely to listen to a voicemail that they’ve received than open an email. The result is a technological climate where your business will truly be able to harness ringless voicemail drops in a legal and effective way.