Were you persuaded by your friends or family members to go on a trip this weekend? It’s exciting, right? But at the same time nerve-wracking, as they only gave you short notice for the weekend trip. Maybe you’re confused, worried, and at the same time excited, you’re feeling all the emotions right now, you don’t want to go anymore. There’s the OOTDs that you have to think about, the food you’re gonna pack, your pocket money, and the essentials you have to bring for your trip, there is just so much that you have to prepare, you do not know if you’re gonna survive your unplanned vacation. We know how it feels, being told late for your upcoming trip and scramming for your weekend getaway, but do not worry though, here are a few ways that you can do survive your unplanned vacation:


  • Pack your travel documents. Whenever you are traveling, always go with all your necessary travel documents. This is too basic, and even though you do not know where you will go, it’s always better to be prepared and have your travel documents in order. Your travel documents will also help you move freely in your destination without any harassment, and help you be ready to present travel documents when needed.
  • Pack lightly. It’s always a smart move to pack lightly whenever you are going on an unplanned vacation. Just bring your basic essential clothing and accessories to avoid so much hassle carrying your luggage when you don’t even know where you are going. Last-minute trips can be a bit overwhelming, and packing lightly will help you big time in enjoying your trip.
  • Have a checklist of what to bring for your travel. A day or a few hours before you leave, make a checklist of what you should bring for your travel. Having a checklist helps you organize your travel essentials and keeps you from forgetting things that you should bring on your travel. A packing list is a useful way of staying organized, just make sure to mark your items on the list when you go through your packing list from top to bottom. Though a checklist is an important part of your routine before leaving your house for your travel, a good old common sense should not still be replaced by a checklist. It means that if something is not on your packing checking list, and you know that that item will be needed on your travel, you should still take it and bring it. 
  • Always check your flight before leaving for the airport. Another great way to keep yourself from so much hassle on your unplanned vacation is by checking your flight before leaving your house going to the airport. A good flight tracker like flightstatus24 can help you monitor and check your flight status online. It’s free and easy to use and you can even download their app on your phone if you are a frequent traveler. You’ll never know the hassle of dealing with canceled and delayed flights until you’ve been in the situation, so it’s better to be ready than to compromise the fun that you will be having on your travel by waiting for so long at the airport to take your flight.
  • Do not forget your money. I know it’s given and your money might actually be at the top of your checklist when you did it, but just in case, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE WITHOUT YOUR WALLET, and enough cash for your travel. If you go on a vacation without your money, your travel, instead of it being a memorable experience can turn into your worst nightmare. No one would like to go on travel without your wallet, especially if it’s an unplanned vacation, so make it one of your priorities when packing your travel essentials.
  • Accept the challenge of unplanned vacation. An unplanned vacation may not be what you want to expect when you go on travel but going on an unplanned vacation has its own goodness. Many things may not be in place when you go an unplanned vacation; your accommodation may not really be what you prefer, or the clothes you may bring might not be the one you want to wear on the trip, but you have to accept the challenge and cope up. Believe that something great will come out of the unexpected.
  • Always remember that unplanned trips are better than planned ones. Unplanned vacations are always better compared to planned ones that even barely happen when you planned it with your friends. Haha. No kidding though, the unplanned ones always seem to happen than the planned ones, and that’s pretty true. Another reason why most unplanned vacations are often the best ones is that they are a bit less complicated; in a way that you just go with the flow and let the element of surprise unfolds in your very own eyes. Unplanned trips can also be a great way to meet new acquaintances and friends, and tends to be less expensive than the planned ones. Unplanned trips can also happen in a short duration but can be far more memorable than when you planned it. There are so many reasons why unplanned trips are better than the planned ones, so it’s better to look at the brighter sides of it and survive it than to be afraid and missed an opportunity that could be a lifetime.



  • Have fun and enjoy the moments. The best way to survive an unplanned vacation is by being in the moment and letting things fall into its right places. Just enjoy, be happy, and make your trip an unforgettable experience that you’ll remember for the lifetime.