8 Funny Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

There are parts of a wedding that we all enjoy and planning a wedding is not an easy job. A pre-wedding photo shoot with vendors such as Gasparian FOTO is one such part which has also become the first thing to do when planning for a wedding. It is your fun time so that you can enjoy yourself. You can choose some romantic places and wore some romantic dress while dialing down the predictable romantic poses. To assist you in having more fun, here is a list of fun ideas you can indulge in when planning your pre-wedding photoshoot.

  1. Focus on the Passion of Your First Meeting

Prepare a scene at natural streets or at that cafe where you had your first meet with your life partner. It will remind you of your first feelings which will share your passion for all things through your wedding photo shoot.  Those things can make you feel different.

  1. Invite furry friends over!

If you ever had a cute pet, you know that they are also a part of your family. They have a significant role in your family. You can not plan your wedding photoshoot without them. If you don’t have any pets, collecting one can be beneficial for both your wedding photoshoot and your family. You can put these furry little friends in order to increase the beauty of your photos.

  1. Include your friends

You can make your pre-wedding photo shoot a lot more fun by including your friends in it, without them you can not enjoy your photo shoot. They are the only group who knows you better than anyone. So it is vital to invite all of your friends to join you to make your pre-wedding photo shoot very special.

  1. Make it filmy

If you love romantic drama, the pre-wedding photo shoot is your best chance to act like a hero or heroin. If you are a Hollywood lover, there is no limit to the costumes you can choose or captures you can emulate! So irrespective of whether your love story was cinematic or dreamy, your photoshoot would be divine, and it will have an extraordinary life.

  1. Make it boozy

If you have to choose a romantic place or props, then you can ditch those colourfull umbrellas or the typical bike shots, and look for something sinfully great – like a wing! So, pick a wing to surround yourself with your favorite drinks. Because let’s face it, alcohol is always the right solution.

  1. Showcase your love for something other than your partner

We all like doing some things that make us happy except our partners. So if you like reading, pick your favorite book or invest yourself in a beautiful library. If you love traveling, sit on bags or use old boarding passes. Serenade with a piano if you enjoy songs, play with a jukebox for the love of video games, or cook together. Just express your passion as much as you want to express your love.

  1. If you need to add effects, why not crazy ones?

Photo editing is a part of the photo shoot, and your photographer should do it. You can change the background of the image by editing. Moreover, You can choose what environment to use for your picture. The photographer will ask you before editing your photo, and you can turn your photo background into sea, rain or other naturally beautiful environments.

  1. Act like a child

Marriage may be an adult decision, but there is no reason to give up on childhood innocence. If it is fighting with Jenga, winning the queen in carrom or ruling the court; your childhood games can easily be a part of your wedding. In fact, you can even try and join comics or other things you loved as a kid, into your photo shoot. It is the best chance to make you noisy again. So if you wanted to swim with your groom in cold water, do not hesitate!

In conclusion, Funny pre-wedding shoot is the part where you will know what the best pictures you can get from your wedding are. Moreover, it will allow you to get to know your photographer better. Nothing is easy, but nothing is impossible. A pre-wedding photo shoot is the right time to experiment to get the best out of your wedding photo shoot.