7 Types Fishing Charters In Seattle

Seattle offers a wide variety of fishing charter opportunities for the people to enjoy their weekend or vacation with family and friends. For those who are new to Seattle, there are plenty of fishing choices that you would be overwhelmed.

With the professional, full-time guide and captain, fishing charters in Seattle offer the wholly private and shared fishing charters for the Lingcod, Halibut, Crab, Steelhead, Salmon and many others. Charter fishing locations in Seattle would be great entertainment to the maximum without any hassle.

Saltwater or Freshwater, your trip would take place based on the fishing as the best time of the year. Seattle fishing charters help you to decide the kind of fishing charter suitable for you. The fishing charter is offered with all the gear, boat, bait, fuel, tackle as well as guide included so you would get more idea about fishing to the excellence.

Types fishing charters in Seattle:

When you’re fishing in Seattle, you can expect highest quality service, equipment and boats to improve your skills in fishing. From first time fisherman to the avid anglers, choose the fishing charters in Seattle would be the convenient option. Below are the 7 Types fishing charters in Seattle

Bay fishing:

Bay Fishing in Seattle uses the light to tackle with the live bait targeting the species like Redfish, Sheepshead, Speckled Trout, Black Snapper and many more. Boats for the Bay fishing are smaller so they can comfortably accommodate about four to six people. Of course, it is considered as the great choice for the single or smaller families groups who are looking forward to catching the fishes. This bay fishing is also called as the inshore fishing.

Bottom fishing:

Bottom Fishing will works in the deep waters with the cut or live bait, reefs and fishing wrecks. This charters in Seattle is excellent and available for year-round targeting variety of fishes that includes the Snappers, Groupers, Amberjack, Triggers and many more. Bottom fishing charters come with two types of boat. Smaller boat with 4 or 6 pack boat will accommodate four or six people, and you can use the larger boat for your fishing group.


Trolling is one of the common methods for fishing in which one or more fishing lines will bait that lures the bait fish. Trolling fishing techniques could be close to the beach called inshore and miles offshore as offshore fishing techniques. Using this type of fishing, it is convenient to catch depending on how close you stay on land.

Inshore trolling:

In the Inshore trolling, live bait is used to lure fishes. Boats will continuously be in motion with traveling ups and downs the beach. In fact, you could conveniently charter larger or smaller boats suitable for the inshore trolling. Usually, rates for the Inshore trolling will vary accordingly. Inshore trolling targets the Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Barracuda, Jack Crevalle and many more.

Offshore trolling:

The Offshore trolling requires the more extended trip for getting into the deep water to use the live bait and targets the Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, King Mackerel, Marlin and many others. Normally, these boats would be larger and easily accommodates some people.

Shark Trips:

Shark fishing charters specifically target the fishing, and you would find it within 3 to 5 miles of the beach. This trip targets the Bull, Dusky, Mako, Blacktip, Spinner, Sandbar and Tiger sharks. Usually, Shark fishing charters will be done every day and typically done during the night or evening. Seattle fishing charters bring the finest fishing experience that will definitely make you quite exhilarating time in the water. A large variety of boats are available to choose for the shark fishing that varies accordingly.

Overnight Trips:

Usually, Overnight trips mainly involve the chartering of the larger boat for about multiple days for getting more than 100 miles offshore where you can get really big fish. The Split trips are similar to Group Charters that allows the group of less than 4 would split as the private charter.

Get complete entertainments for the interactive fishing trips to get the best hands-on experience with the Seattle fishing charters. When you want to catch fish and enjoy then choosing the fishing charters would be a great option.