5 Educational Toys Best Support Child Development

Engage your kids with fun, entertaining and educational toys. When buying appropriate toy for your child’s age and developmental level, you canboost confidence, stimulate creativity, and increase skills and knowledge. Here’s a rundown of educational toys that best support child’s development.

  1. Activity Sets

Giving toys to babies helps develop their motor and cognitive functioning skills. As your kid growshis needs for learning toys increases as he gets to learn more about language, math, geology, geography, and more. Activity toys allow provide opportunities to a child’s interests, creating a safe environment of learning and discovery. Shop for quality kids sports toys from Step2 Direct today!

Motor toy items give your kids natural opportunities to build and improve their coordination and fitness. As children throw balls or ride on toys with wheels, they learn about velocity, speed, and force. Learning to turn a corner on a tricycle or climb a structure builds confidence, allowing your kids to take risks within a safe setting.

You can check a wide variety of educational toys that will offer your kids age-appropriate challenges, but are still designed with your kids’ safety in mind. These toys include scooters, climbing structures, balls, or wheeled vehicles.

  1. Pretend Plays

Pretend playthings are among of the best ways to build language skills and creative thinking, but not all toys are created equal. Many toys are based on characters from movies, television shows, or video games. These toys have less creative play value because children tend to play with them in one way – using the scripts and dialogues they’ve seen in media.

Another good thing about open-ended dramatic play materials is that it offers a much richer experience because children can use them in a variety of ways. These might include a veterinarian or doctor kit, real or play kitchen items, such asopen-ended dress up costumes, a pie making kit or tea set, props, and hats.

  1. Board Games & Puzzles

These educational toys offer more than just rainy day fun. Board games can build math, literacy, and critical thinking skills. They require focus, communication, and turn-taking, essential functioning skills for later school success. Look for board games that encourage collaboration over competition. Puzzles have the same benefits with board games and theyalso improve fine motor skills.

  1. Arts & Crafts

While preschoolers aren’t ready for elaborate craft projects, they enjoy simple, open-ended activities, such as painting, collage, play dough, gluing, or stringing beads. Your kids use plastic needles to sew felt projects or even take part in simple finger knitting or weaving projects.

  1. Learning Games

Learning games that teach counting, math, and telling time help young minds grasp critical life skills. Learning games are available in a variety of levels and formats to best suit your child’s ability and preferred learning style. From easy flashcards to challenging video games, kids can increase their analytical and problem-solving skills.

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