5 Shopping Areas in Bandung Which Worth Your Trip!

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While you are in Bandung, finish your shopping experience in Bandung by visiting these shopping malls.

1 | Pasar Baru Trade Center

Pasar Baru or “New Market” is, in fact, one of Bandung oldest markets. Founded in 1884, Pasar Baru Trade Center has become known as the best location to shop for local clothing in Bandung. You’ll find various kind of fabric, clothing, batik, totes, Muslim wear, and praying mats. Exactly like each other traditional markets, to get the best price, haggling with the shopkeepers are welcomed.

2 | Cibaduyut

Cibaduyut is one of Bandung’s most famous fashion places that will not disappoint you. What separates Cibaduyut from other markets is that it is known as the center for leather shoes, not just in West Java but in Indonesia. Most goods in Cibaduyut are handmade and made, yet with sturdiness and good quality. Don’t forget to bargain if you want to get a fantastic price.

If you can not locate the shoes or the dimensions you like, you can ask for one-of-a-kind custom leather shoes made to fit your taste! The custom shoes are usually done in 1 or 2 weeks. You might have it delivered to your address. Even President Joko Widodo shops here!

3 | Gang Tamim

Looking for jeans with good quality but the low price? Gang Tamim is your destination. The road is known as Bandung’s denim center as the 1990s, and you’ll find different type of jeans, starting from about Rp 100,000 only (around US$7).

Additionally, to jeans, you could also find batik garments and cloths. You might even pick your own material and have custom made jeans, and have it ready in 3 to seven days. It is worth your visit any time you’re in Bandung.

4 | Cihampelas

Cihampelas is a place where one can find lots of unique shops selling affordable, locally made clothing. It is one of the busiest shopping places in Bandung, particularly at the weekend. Kind of clothing can be found here: jackets, t-shirt, jeans, even costumes. In here you can locate”I Love Bandung” t-t-shirts and replica of local soccer team Persib jersey.

Nevertheless, you’ve to be careful because not all cheap garments here are of good quality. Cihampelas Walk Restaurant can also be in the area, but the modern mall is not what you’d call a spending budget shopping destination.

5 | Sentra Rajut

Another best place for spending budget shopping will be Sentra Rajut, home of fantastic quality knitwear. You’ll find cardigans, scarfs, jackets, and others at reasonable rates. Costs start in Rp 50.000 (less than US$ 4), perhaps some are even cheaper than that. The knitwear is crafted with a higher level of detail and quality by local tiny businesses. With careful treatment, the knitwear can be very comfy and lasting for a long time.