5 Instagrammable Places In Bandung For Your Family  

Don’t you wish your family holiday has more choices than just the usual playgrounds or theme parks? Could it not be fantastic if everybody can have fun at precisely the identical moment? Our discoveries in Bandung can do precisely that and much more! All these five most picturesque and Instagrammable places in Bandung are about family fun – a moment to unleash your inner kid, Moms and Dads! Your kids will love these experiences for sure. Keen to know more? Take a look at these family attractions that are trending! You can buy authentic Instagram followers here.

Rumah Guguk

Where can you play with and groom your dogs along with buying accessories for the furry friends? Rumah Guguk is every dog lover’s fantasy come true! With a glass window at the station that is the dressing table, you can view as their staff professionally groom and style the doggies. Every area can be found at the back of the home, a beautiful green garden with white picket fences and a pool that was doggie. Similar to entering a dog paradise where they drift, swim, and play happily with no entrance fee required, a step within this place is. Two areas need entry fees – one for larger dogs and another for smaller dogs. They are equipped with colours and cute decorations. You can even locate sheep and lambs from the dogs’ area! Of the facilities and cleanliness goes to demonstrate how thoughtful and well-cared our friends are. You’ll be sure to leave as joyful!

Rainbow Garden Lembang

You can actually eat a few of the flowers at Rainbow Garden Lembang. Situated in the famous Floating Market Lembang, this garden complex provides a massive collection of more than a hundred kinds of flowers! When roaming inside this fragrant location that is extra, in the event the blossoms end up in their mouths, the owner needs families to feel secure. The enchantingly manicured Rainbow Garden is also colour-coordinated, which resembles a rainbow in the title. Besides flower-watching, a flower nursery is also where you can buy a variety of types of flowers and cactus plants also. This location is also a paradise with decorations, for example, old swings, antique rustic piano, and dangling birdcages in colours. You can even wear kimonos and hanboks from the market, with hair accessories too

Bird & Bromelia Pavilion

Insert some educational fun for your family vacation – see this miniature bird park! Located at the Pramestha Resort Town, the Bromelia & Bird Pavilion is among attractions here, including a health centre, agricultural and nature tourism. You’ll discover a large aviary divided into five segments. There are over 600 birds, which you can interact with under the oversight of trained employees. Here, living in the lush manicured gardens, you may discover peacocks, swans, bunnies, turkey and fish ponds. Is it not a sanctuary for the animals?

Barusen Hills Ciwidey

How about some fun family pool time in the fresh, bright breeze of Bandung? Barusen Hills Ciwidey is each family’s favourite recreational spot where a gorgeous pool awaits with a magical panorama. The large pool has a giant tipping bucket, fountain and colourful slides. Your children are going to love dancing and splashing around in this water park! Once you’ve had fun in the pool, have a stroll in the photogenic Love Garden, Dutch Garden along with Bamboo Love Garden! Since Barusen Hills also provides accommodation for the family, spend the night if you want.

Orchid Forest Cikole

At Orchid Forest Cikole, 157 species of orchids from all around the world bloom and prosper from the cold climate of Lembang, in a beautiful, clean and exclusive landscape. From adventures and eco-education’s floriculture, Orchid Forest Lembang is constructed for a variety of functions like an orchid conservatory. Though these woods remain undergoing many phases of development, now you can enjoy many of its attractive facilities. It includes a coffee nook, an entrance region, picnic area, playground, reading area for children and more. Instagrammers, you’ll adore this orchid forest – it is also dotted with several photogenic platforms while enjoying the panoramic view of the greenery, it is possible to selfie. It is the perfect soul-soothing and refreshing remedy you want!

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