5 Healthy Cocktail Ingredients


Are you looking for a better way of relaxing and enjoying your summer months? Well, you need to make cocktails your best friend. While most of us love these incredible drinks, some people hate them for the hangover and tiredness that they cause in the morning after.

However, wanting to avoid such effects of imbibing doesn’t always mean that you avoid cocktails and other adult drinks. While how much you drink will have a great impact on how you feel the next day, the ingredients in your favorite cocktail may also play a critical role in your less-than-desirable morning after.

A key to ensuring that you don’t regret taking that cocktail is to ensure that you prepare your drinks with healthy ingredients that will ensure your cocktail tastes excellent and also provides a health boost. Here are some of the ingredients that will make your cocktail not only tasty but also healthy.

Sparkling Water

Keep your cocktail simple and use something bubbly and calorie-free to make it last longer, up its festive factor and cut down the alcohol content. If you want to add some twist to it, consider adding your own fruit or even herbs.

That extra volume that you add to your cocktail can save you from calories and extra booze that you didn’t know you are getting.  

You need to be extra careful when you are enjoying your cocktail at your favorite restaurant Montreal outlet since some cocktails usually have multiple shots or contain more alcohol than just one drink equivalent.  Don’t be afraid to ask if you are unsure of anything.

Green Tea

It is time to forget about all those chemical-laden and sugar-rich energy drinks and reach out for green tea if you are in pursuit of a healthy cocktail.  Green tea contains numerous nutrients that can prevent memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease by cutting down on the amount of damaging free radicals present in the brain.

The powerful antioxidants contained in green tea also protect our brains from oxidative stress. The catechins contained in green tea keep your eyes in great shape and reduces the risk of vision loss.

One of the best ways of incorporating green tea into your cocktail is to infuse vodka with the tea leaves at least one night before the event.

100% Fruit Juice

Avoid juices that contain high sugar concentration and look for 100% natural fruit juice such as pineapple, guava, or orange to mix with your sparkling gin, vodka, or wine. Pomegranate juice is always a good choice.

Research shows that natural fruit juice can reduce the spread of cancer cells in the human body, reduce inflammation and even kill certain types of cancer cells. Fruit juice also lowers blood pressure.

Coconut Water

Are you looking for an incredible alternative to the sugar-laden and unhealthy tonic water or the plain sparkling water? Then you need to try out coconut water which is packed with a wide range of healthy nutrients such as potassium and calcium.

The good news is that when you buy 100% coconut water, you can easily add a tropical flair to your cocktail without a lot of unsavory ingredients or added sugar. Coconut water is also full of electrolytes that you may have lost if you have been drinking alcohol.

Therefore, adding it to your cocktail could help lessen dehydration so that you don’t feel so bad the next day after drinking.  Consider using coconut water in place of soda water or tonic water in your cocktail recipes.


These popular fruits also make a perfect addition to your cocktail recipe. Adding fruits to your drink is an easy way of adding nutritional value to the beverage. Berries contain a wide range of phytochemicals that offer healthy nutrients.  For instance, raspberries improve blood flow to the heart and reduce inflammation while strawberries prevent oxidative stress.