3 Reasons Why Campervan Holidays Are a Good Way to Travel During the Pandemic

Now the United Kingdom has entered total lockdown for a second time this year, it’s fairly apparent that coronavirus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This also means most people won’t be going on holiday in foreign countries for a long while – even once the nationwide lockdown has been lifted. However, people still need a break from all the stresses that 2020 has brought to their plate. But what can they do now that their options are so limited? Well, they can still go on a campervan holiday. In fact, we believe motorhomes are the ideal way to travel during the pandemic, keeping everyone safe whilst also providing them with a much-needed break. Need further convincing? Then read on to find out why we believe this.

1.) Limited Interaction

With regular holidays, you are much more likely to come into contact with other people. At hotels, for example, you would have cleaners coming into your bedroom, holiday reps trying to engage you in activities, and waiters serving you food. However, there’s none of that with motorhome holidays. Instead, you are entirely self-sufficient. It’s just you and your travel companions. This is ideal because it limits your social interaction, so you are less likely to contract the virus from other people and vice versa. What’s more, you provide everything for yourself whilst campervanning. You have your own bathroom, living room, kitchen, ectara. The only time you’ll need to see other people is to go food shopping. Have a look at these luxury motorhomes for sale to find the perfect holiday set-up for you.

2.) Fresh Air

Everyone knows that fresh air is good for their mental and physical wellbeing. With the pandemic happening, these things are more important than ever before. Fortunately, with campervan holidays, there is plenty of fresh air around. You can travel wherever you want, from the coastline to the countryside. The remoter, the better. Furthermore, coronavirus is more likely to be transmitted in stagnant air (which you would find in hotels and restaurants). This isn’t something you need to worry about when holidaying in a campervan, thankfully. You’ll just be sharing air with the people in your household.

3.) Geographical Mobility

The pandemic has been very unpredictable. Cities and countries are constantly coming in or out of lockdown. This has resulted in tourists becoming stranded in foreign countries, unable to escape. Fortunately, this shouldn’t affect you when it comes to campervan holidays. You don’t have to rely on things like aeroplanes or public transport. You can simply pack up your bags and drive away. As your social interaction will be so limited, you also don’t need to worry about carrying the virus with you and taking it elsewhere.

If you want to travel safely whilst still having a relaxing holiday, then going campervanning is the perfect option for you. Not only will your social interaction with other people be limited but you’ll also have plenty of fresh air and geographical mobility.