Why fibernet scores over your dongle connection

You can continue using your dongle connection for your laptop by all means – but do consider the merits of using a fibernet broadband connection first.

Most of us use laptops both at home and in the office. Laptop computers are convenient and you can use them at any time, from any location.

You probably use a dongle Internet connection or hotspot your mobile phone data to access the Internet over your laptop. While the dongle may certainly improve your Internet-enabled mobility for the laptop, it does have certain limitations if it comes from a less then reputed mobile service provider. Why not use Airtel’s  fibernet broadband instead?

What is Airtel fibernet?

Airtel fibernet is a way of connecting to the Internet using pliable but strongfiber optic cables over long distances. It offers higher density and bandwidth. Airtel V-fibernet technology offers up to 300 Mbps speeds and always-on connectivity, whatever the state of the weather or the time of the day that you log on. It has the best network coverage and signal strength, and offers connectivity for up to 10 digital devices without dropping speeds. Airtel broadband is also the winner of the Ookla speed test multiple times.

It’s faster, better, more efficient

Let’s face it – your current dongle is less than satisfactory and you would ideally like a Wi-fi broadband connection rather than carting around a dongle. The dongle may offer low signal strength in certain locations and in certain areas. However, you will not encounter this problem with Airtel V-fibernet broadband, which is the last word in broadband technology in India.

Here’s what you can expect from Airtel fibernet:

  • Superfast speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • 99% uptime, with instant uploads and downloads over an always-on connectivity
  • Free router on buying the broadband connection
  • One year free subscription to Amazon Prime
  • Bonus data on certain plans for taking the connection before October 31, 2018
  • Data rollover feature on most of the plans
  • Unlimited STD and local calls
  • Excellent discounts on 6 months plan (up to 15%) and 12 months plan (up to 20%)
  • Option to switch to another plan in the same scheme at a later date
  • Option to upgrade your current broadband connection to Airtel V-fibernet

How to get Airtel V-fibernet

Contact Airtel on their website or their smartphone app, and browse their current plans for broadband. You can upgrade to a fibernet connection even if you have a broadband plan at home or in your office. Once you select the plan that is most suitable to your needs, you can place an order for it online by leaving your contact details on the site or app. An Airtel representative then contacts you within a couple of hours to take the purchase process forward. The installation is fairly straightforward and is completed quickly, with the connection becoming live at once.