How Can You Book The Seat For B1 English Test?

Learning does not finish when your classroom English lesson is over! Do you wish to settle in the United Kingdom with your loved one who is already settled there? Please do not worry! You can settle with them by passing the B1 English test which checks your fluency on that subject so that you do not face any trouble residing there. Before you plan to book your seat, there is another point which you must take into consideration. English is a language which has gained an international acceptance. So, it is necessary for every person who wants to accomplish their personal or business goals must understand properly. This test is mainly conducted so that you can understand and reciprocate with the other residents during your stay in United Kingdom.

It has become a mandate for all the people who wish to settle in the United Kingdom to pass a B1 English test to prove their efficiency in that language and so their capacity to speak, listen and write clearly is assessed by this examination which is conducted for a total of twenty two minutes. While improving the speaking, listening and writing skills in English was difficult in the past but in the recent times the availability of certain online English speaking courses are available which can guide you further to exhale in this examination. However, the B1 testbooking fee costs around £215 per attempt. The amount of booking fees for your seat varies depending on certain conditions.

Before you proceed to book your seat you need to make sure that you know what would come your way before taking the B1 test, so that you are completely prepared to pass it with flying colours.This section of article will further provide you some important information about this test and how you need to get yourself prepared for the interview. If you can pass it successfully, then you can make use of this examination in many parts of the world. The provisional result gets declared on the day of commencement of the test but it takes a week to get your certificate. If you unfortunately could not qualify the B1 English test, then you will not be able to use the test result in your application for a visa.

Details About The Examination

The fifth grade of the GESE examination involves the B1 English Test which is held by the famous Trinity College. You need to do the B1 test bookingto get an approved examination seat in this college by the Home Office. The examiner has the job of judging the proficiency of your language skills at the same time. This test is mainly divided into two major sections with possibly five different tasks that you will have to be ready for. In the first part of the test, you will be askedto answer personal questions which will be conducted for approximate time duration ofthree minutes. Then there would be a short talk for aboutseven minutes. In the second part of the examination, you will have to answer few questions after hearing a recording. This session to assess your listening and understanding skills will last for five minutes followed by a three minute plan activity session and lastly, a four minute session of interaction based on any specific topic.