Dianabol pill benefit & dosage:

Dianabol / Dbol owns its generic name methandrostenolone. The name was given by Ciba, a Swiss Pharmaceutical company many years ago. Though the production was stopped, the drug is still known by its name and many companies are producing Dianabol yet. Because of Dianabol’s proven effect, bodybuilders use the drug and it is available at a cheap cost. This AAS helps in increasing strength and mass gain. There are umpteen anabolic supplements available in the market in many forms. It is especially a tough task for beginners to choose the right form of the drug. Dianabol is available in pill, tablet, injection and liquid forms. Every form has its own property and impact on milligram strength. The doses vary for beginners and advanced users. So, choosing the right dose is the prime duty of the users.

Dbol pill improves the body’s ability to retain nitrogen, which is necessary for the cells to produce protein and muscles. This AAS helps to gain lean muscle mass, increased stamina, and physical strength. It develops the muscles quicker by boosting protein synthesis. Dbol pills are available in many strengths say 20 mg, 10 mg, 5 mg and 2.5 mg. Depends on the individual goal the dosage varies. Generally, beginners are recommended with Dianabol pill dosage of 10 mg per day, split the pill into two 5 mg for twice a day. The advanced bodybuilders and athletes go up to 50 mg per day. By increasing the dosage step by step only the user can see the variation and the result. The sudden increase of Dianabol pill dosage may lead to irreversible side effects.

How to buy Dianabol pill?

Dianabol is a strong anabolic androgenic supplement. So, buying Dianabol pill is a difficult job, because without a prescription Dianabol cannot be purchased. People are searching underground labs, black market to buy Dbol pills without any restrictions. But, they do not know what are the serious issues involved in it. The pills may be counterfeit, contain only fillers with other toxic compounds, nonsterile and impure. The companies’, who produce poor quality Dbol pills, sell them at low cost. Before buying the product you should access many sources to buy the legit product. Pictures of legit tablets may be portrayed on the bottle by authenticated companies. Hence, search for such companies and buy the product.


Dbol pills are commonly stacked with injectable anabolic. Dianabol & Testosterone, Dianabol & Anavar are the mostly used stacks. However, Dbol with Anavar stack is mostly preferred because Anavar does not produce stress in the liver. Dianabol can also be used as a standalone in order to receive benefits. But it has been the custom of advanced bodybuilders to stack one drug with another. However, while combining two strong AAS, the side effects should be considered. Renal damage, liver damage, increased aggression, cardiovascular troubles, sexual dysfunction and testicular atrophy are the common side and adverse side effects of Dianabol pill. Hence, before going for any AAS read about the drug thoroughly and discuss with the doctor. It is also good to see the bottles with pictures of legit tablets to ensure the quality.