Amsterdam Food Scene from Sweet to Spicy

Amsterdam has an exceptional food scene, which you can take pleasure in by participating in one of the best food tours Amsterdam package.

Amsterdam must try food


Amsterdam’s sweetest bite, which has become popular. The packaged stroopwafels found abroad are not like the fresh ones you taste on Amsterdam streets. It is a thin dough layer filled with hot and sweet caramel syrup.


Herring is street food found at booths spread across the city. Raw Dutch herring are frozen, semi-cured in salt and aged for several days in oak. Bones are removed. When served with onions, it is certainly an intense bite.


Fried salt COD is served at many fish booths. It is a perfect lunch, when served with tartar sauce [home-made].


Poffertjes are mini Dutch pancakes, which are topped in sweet suary syrup. On cold rainy day, you can enjoy these fluffy and delicious pancakes.

Mint tea

Pancakes along with hot mint tea sip are awesome. It is not actually tea but allows relaxing.


Satay is staple in local Dutch cuisine. Take-away counters and Indonesian restaurants are popular for serving this Indonesian food.

Oorlog French fries

Order oorlog fries at Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx. It is a crispy cone full of hot home-made fries. Raw onion, peanut sauce, and mayonnaise are used for topping. It is certainly worth eating. One cone and you get hooked for more.


Different kinds of chutneys [sweet and picy] are poured on empanadas. They taste delicious.

Dutch cheese

You will find more than 50 kinds of cheese in Amsterdam. Tourists are offered free samples. The aged Gouda cheese is amazing.


Perfect bar snack, when ordered with towering Dutch beer. Ground meat croquettes get served often with mustard. The most famous local food, you may see people ordering. The croquettes are not creamy as Spanish ones but certainly tantalise your palate.