6 Amazing Historical Tours in Jakarta

A great nation is a nation that can appreciate its history. Moreover, the struggle of the heroes who are willing to sacrifice everything to live comfortably as we are today. Learning history can not only be done by reading history books.

You can also visit various places or sites that hold history. In addition to learning about history, visiting a place like this can also be an alternative to spending a vacation. The following are some historical places in Jakarta that you can visit while on vacation.

  • Fatahillah Museum

The Old Town area is known as an area that holds many memories from the past. One of the places that you must visit when visiting the Old City area is the Fatahillah Museum. This museum will invite you to reminisce by seeing some buildings that have not been changed since the Dutch era.

Fatahillah Museum was built in 1620 by General Jan Pieterszoon Coen. The museum has a collection of 23,500 historical objects from the 17th century to the 19th century. In addition, there is a room which is a former dungeon that was used during the Dutch colonial era.

  • Maritime Museum

As the name implies, the Maritime Museum is a museum that stores various collections related to maritime affairs and fisheries. In this museum, you will find various relics of marine histories, such as traditional boats with various forms from their ancestors to merchant ships belonging to the VOC.

In addition, in this museum you can also see various collections of marine life and maps of fish distribution in the Indonesian seas to stories and traditional songs of fishers in the archipelago. Interestingly, you can also find profiles of maritime figures in the archipelago.

  • VOC Shipyard

VOC was a trading company that was very successful in its time. The VOC’s glory can still be seen in the historic building is the VOC shipyard. This building is estimated to have existed since 1628. Here, you can find cafes, communities, and other activities.

Formerly this building served to store and repair large ships that would sail. This building is one of the most important ports in the Asian region because once merchants, officers, sultans, and kings from all over Asia who went sailing would depart and land in this place.

  • Kota Intan Bridge

Another VOC heritage in Jakarta is the Kota Intan Bridge, the oldest bridge in Indonesia. This bridge was founded in 1628. The people of Jakarta also often refer to this bridge as the Chicken Market Bridge. The Kota Intan Bridge, shaped like a teeter-totter made of maroon-colored iron construction, was once a way for large ships to transport produce from or to the Sunda Kelapa Harbor. Currently, Kota Intan Bridge is still crowded, especially by tourists looking for instagrammable photo spots.

  • Bank Indonesia Museum

When visiting the Old City area of ​​Jakarta, you can also stop by the Bank Indonesia Museum. In this museum, you can see how the role of Bank Indonesia began before western nations came to the archipelago until the establishment of BI in 1953 and the policies it made.

This museum stores stories about the Indonesian economy from time to time through an interesting diorama. In addition, you can also see the development of models and forms of rupiah currency from time to time.

  • Toko Merah

The Old Town area also has a building with a unique and very artistic design. In addition, this building has a touch of classic Chinese style. The building in question is the Toko Merah. The entire exterior and interior to the existing carvings are dominated by red color and was once the house of a high-ranking VOC official.

From time to time, Toko Merah  had changed functions repeatedly, ranging from VOC official hotels, campuses, dormitories, offices to the Japanese army health service. Finally In 1990, Toko Merah was designated as a cultural heritage site. Now, this building is often used as a historical tourist spot and for various exhibition activities.

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