10 Best Personalized Baby Gift Ideas for New Parents

Gifting has never been an easy job for anyone because almost all of us tend to get stuck when looking for gift ideas. Here is a list of 10 Best Personalized Baby Gift Ideas that you can gift to new parents and guess what you can buy it at a great discount by applying My 1st Years discount code.

  1.    Personalised Caps for Babies: The first word that comes to our mind when we think of gifting something to a baby is comfort. Buy a comfy hat that is over-sized, soft and cosy. Also, don’t forget to check on the little details like a pom-pom on it, and get the baby’s name stitched on top.
  2.    Crawling Knee Pads: Babies love crawling, but we often fear what if they hurt their knees, and without crawling what is the other way for them to learn to walk? Gifting them cute little knee pads is like gifting their parents to let their babies explore themselves without getting hurt.
  3.    Storybook like Pillow: A pillow cover that has different prints is understandable but gifting a new born a soft little pillow that has a short story printed with it, where the protagonist has the baby’s name. It is undoubtedly going to make the baby remember the gift for years to come after he learns to read and understand it. This personalised gift is uncommon and thoughtful.
  4.    Milestone Baby Cards: Another way of being thoughtful and remembered for in a baby’s life is by gifting the new parents personalised baby cards for each milestone the baby completes. Parents love keeping a record of the milestones because it’s adorable and whenever they will do it you will certainly be remembered.
  5.    Baby’s Heartbeat Necklace: If you are very close to the mother to be then the best gift you can buy for them is a personalised necklace that has the baby’s heartbeat. It is something that they will cherish for a lifetime. Also, the baby is going to love the gift as well.
  6.    Personalised Baby Blanket: What could bemore comfortable and cosy than a cute blanket for a new-born? Buy a blanket and get the baby’s name embroidered on it; this gift will be turn out to be the best for so many years to come.
  7.    Personalised Wooden Clock: Parents love decorating new spaces for their babies, and if you want to make it worth their options then gift them a personalised wooden clock, that has the baby’s name, date of birth and time printed on it in short. It is going to make it way too much adorable, make sure you buy one that can fit into any nursery.
  8.    Baby’s Footprint and Handprint Kit: Something that can be cherished forever is worth gifting, be it for the new parents or the baby. Here is a unique gift option which is a footprint and handprint kit with baby’s just born pictures on the sides to be hung on the wall. Not only this personalised gift can make any heart go warm, but it can be kept for many years to come.
  9.    Customized Baby Shampoo: This has now become a common thing, yet so many people still don’t know about brands that allow you to buy customised shampoos for the babies. The packaging has the baby’s name. Also, such shampoos are excellent in quality and best for the baby’s hair. So, you can add hints of cuteness by gifting the baby the right set of shampoo.
  10.    Baby Spoons with their names: When the baby is learning to eat on their own, then parents often have to look for ways to attract them to the table and towards the food. Personalised baby utensils set with spoons that have the baby’s name is the best way to do it. You can add little hearts, or cars or cartoon characters to it and not just the parents but the baby is going to get excited as well.

It is essential for us to realise that there is an ample number of options to choose from when you are confused about what to buy for a new-born. What one needs to keep in mind is that you can do a little bit of customisation with any gift of your choice to make it a personalised cute gift appropriate for any baby. It all depends on how you do it like by adding names, or hearts or say flowers for that matter.