What is the average life of an Air Conditioning?

Numerous air conditioning units can last 15-20 years if preserved properly. You might need a few repairs along the road, but Abacus Air Conditioning Services can usually capture and deal with small issues during your annual clean and inspection.

How do I recognize what size cooling device my residence requires?

A certified as well as insured HVAC expert ought to be spoken with prior to you include or change a cooling system. They will do a correct calculation to consider the layout as well as sq. foot of your residence, typical climate, insulation, the sort or the number of windows, as well as the variety of people living in the home. Without these factors to consider, you can end up with a unit that is not large enough, suggesting it will likely not stay on par with your air conditioning needs or last as long as expected, or a system that is so huge that it continuously cycles on as well as off and wastes power.

What is SEER?

All air conditioning units have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER. The higher that number is, the more reliable your unit is. The current sector minimum for new AC is 13; however, advanced tools can reach a SEER as high as 21. While the preliminary price of the latter may be higher, the reduced monthly operating expense will conserve your money over the life of the system.

When running my A/C, should the thermostat fan switch be set to “on” or “auto”?

If you have an interest in keeping your cooling expenses down, use the vehicle setup so the fan only runs when required to preserve the set temperature level. Nevertheless, if you prefer a more regular temperature level, utilize the “on” establishing for continuous air movement. This choice might additionally be valuable if you have allergic reactions or bronchial asthma because air will be filtered as it streams via the system.

My Air Conditioning isn’t working, what should I inspect before calling an expert?

Before you call experts, check the fundamentals: test the batteries in your thermostat, check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse, transform your air filter, make certain the system is set to cool, and that the setting is at least three levels below the existing room temperature. If any of these five simple checks are not at fault, call the experts for a total air conditioning system appointment.

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