Santamedical Infrared Thermometer is 100% accurate Reviewed by Expert

The non contact IR or Infrared thermometer of Santamedical brand by Gurin Products LLC is designed to offer an accurate, simple and expedient way to screen the fever readings initially by measuring temperature on the skin areas. It can be used on the tear ducts or on the forehead to draw the body temperature. This device is capable of drawing the body temperature readings with a high accuracy of 0.3 degree within a period of less than a second. No wonder, the medical experts have reviewed this Santamedical Infrared Thermometer to be 100% reliable.

Why Santamedical IR thermometer is unique?

The Santamedical Infrared Thermometer is equipped with an intuitive guidance system that help in securing the position and for confirming the readings accurately. It comes with a big LCD display screen that supports backlit display to display the body temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit to read it easily. It is also offered with auto alarm feature with adjustments to alert the user when the temperature is so high.

No risk of contamination:

There is absolutely no risk of contamination while using the Non Contact Infrared Thermometer by Santamedical as it is designed to use as the skin surface by placing it at a specific distance as it comes in contact with the human skin, the device begins to start scanning the temperature immediately. There is no need to disinfect the appliance or remove the tip of the thermometer. It is capable of recording the body temperature levels ranging from 89 to 109 degree F with a distance range of 5 to 15 cm. The Infrared thermometer depends as the two AA batteries to capture upto 100,000 readings.

The Santamedical product flaunts a slim look featuring a water resistant and rugged design. When compared to other IR thermometers, this product is clinically calibrated to change the temperature readings on the forehead to interval body temperature.

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