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Painters of the 21st Century You Need to Know

Painters of the 21st Century You Need to Know

Coming up with a list of the best contemporary artists can be daunting. There are many of them. Deciding the best of the best has to be examined based on different factors. Reputation is key. Style of work and combination of elements is also essential.

What makes great artists can be traced down to how relevant their works are to the industry. The uniqueness of their works is also examined.
This guide presents a few of the painters of the 21st century. Read on.

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson’s kind of art is a mix of abstract, figuration, painterly blurs, etc. Interestingly, Johnson pays homage to coloration, and you can find several colors bleeding in one painting. Aarons’s work explores human experiences, and it also displaces certain darkness and light in the world. Furthermore, Aaron Johnson lives in New York and some of his artwork are on display at art galleries.

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter is number one among the most renowned living contemporary painters. The popular painter currently lives and works in Cologne, Germany. The artist devoted his profession to investigating the mechanism of painting in close connection with the impacts of photography.

Richter accomplished worldwide recognition with his photography works of art – in the 1960s. He converted photos into artworks on different subjects. Scenes, nudes, still life paintings, day-to-day life, mountains, planes, and more were painted with a haze drifting over the photorealistic picture. This creates an obscured impact.

Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown is an English craftsman. The artist has been recognized for her expressionist style. Cecily utilizes layers of paint to make pictures that consolidate abstract and figurative components.

She explores subjects like violence and sexuality. The English artist’s emphasis on figurative and conceptual painting has been exceptionally influential in art. Her unmistakable style has caught the attention of collectors and critics. Cecily is also known for her capacity to intertwine components of abstraction with metaphorical portrayal. This gives her work more vitality and energy.

Georg Baselitz

In the runner-up comes the famous Georg Baselitz. Georg was born in Kamenz-Deutschbaselitz, Germany, in 1938. He lives and works in Munich, Germany. The remarkable painter is most popular for his upside-down figure paintings.

The German painter is one of the main post-war craftsmen and a pioneering hero for New European Painting and Neo-Expressionism in Germany, dismissing the ruling of abstract and painting illustrative components. He brought attention back to the figure.

Kerry James Marshall

Here comes a renowned American artist. Kerry James Marshall has been popular for bringing the black experience into his work. He uses paint to explore subjects like politics, racial identity, and history. James was also famous for his figurative paintings.

They address topics of race, representation, and identity. He has been a critical figure in the acknowledgment and consideration of black artists in art and culture. The American artist uses components of old art styles, mainstream culture, and African-American history in works that are challenging and accessible.

Peter Doig

Peter Doig was born in Scotland. He was raised in Canada. The painter has been recognized for his special ability to make mysterious and evocative paintings. Most of Peter’s drawings are about scenes and landscapes, especially from imagination, memory, and life experiences.

The talented painter often mixes elements of mysterious feelings and dreamlike with the landscape. His works also express evocative compositions, together with amazing visual power.

Contemporary art has known loads of remarkable artists from across the world. These are just a few of the numerous 21st Century painters.