4 Reasons Why You Need A Lawyer When Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit  

Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit in New York  can be quite difficult to handle for the victims. Not only are they stressful, but they are also traumatic physically, emotionally, and mentally. Nonetheless, it`s important to realize that after an accident, you are entitled to compensation for any damages done to your vehicle or injuries caused to you as a person. While some of the accidents appear to be an open and shut case, it`s always important to work with a registered car accident attorney when Filing A Car Accident Lawsuit In New York.

An accident attorney is a legally trained lawyer, who assist people by advocating for them when they`re involved in a car accident. By seeking the services of a car accident lawyer in New York, a complainant can be assured that his rights are protected, and they are fully compensated for all injuries sustained.

Below are some of the reasons why one should consider hiring the services of a car accident lawyer in New York when filling a motor accident lawsuit.

Maximum Compensation

In all cases, insurance companies are heavily involved in ensuring that they keep their client`s settlement as low as possible; and that`s their overall goal if they are to remain in business. Therefore, by working directly with the insurance company, one might be putting himself at risk of under-compensation since they are not aware of the actual value of the claim, or how it`s calculated.

A professional car attorney, however, carefully evaluates all the loss and damages incurred, and aggressively negotiates the maximum terms of the settlement.

Limited Time to Pursue Legal Action

Also known as Statue of Limitations, this is a law that sets a time limit on a prospective accuser’s right to file a lawsuit. In simple terms, it refers to the time allowed to file a suit. Different states have different Statue of Limitations.

In New York, the time limit allowed depends on whether the car accident resulted in death, damage to property, or injury. Being versed with the different statues in different scenarios, a professional car accident attorney in NY will ensure that the case is presented within the stipulated time.

Different Stages of Suing Process

When an accident results into a lawsuit, several steps are involved, although the steps might differ from cases to case. For instance, in some cases, one is required to file a police report within a given time. In other cases, the state may require additional requirements. On rare occasions, obtaining medical bills, liens, PIP logs, and medi pay liens is also a necessity.

A professional car attorney in NY is familiar with the different requirements and can ensure that the filing process is fast and smooth.

Understanding the Settlement Options

In most cases, minor car accidents are settled out of court, meaning that the defendant or insurance will make compensation of some kind. A professional attorney will help a complainant in understanding the implications of accepting such an offer. Moreover, he helps in evaluating whether the settlement on offer is the best option or not.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable car attorney to support you when Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit in New York helps you achieve ample compensation and peace of mind. It`s also satisfying to know that someone is looking out for you and your rightful compensation.