4 Perfect Engagement Gifts for the Perfect Couples in Your Life

The only thing greater than finding love for yourself is seeing two of your friends fall in love and then decide to spend the rest of their lives together!But as happy as you are for any newly engaged couple, finding a great engagement gift that suits their interests and their position in life can be hard.

Thankfully, we’ve come up with a few simple ideas for types of gifts that will work for engaged couples. Put a creative spin on any of these gifts to be known as the best gift giver ever!

#1: Airfare or Hotel Vouchers

There’s not a couple in the world that wouldn’t love to go on a romantic weekend adventure together, but many people think it’s too expensive to really make happen.

Help your favourite couple see how easy it is to make time to go no this type of trip by gifting them airfare or hotel vouchers that can be used to get to their dream destination.

The nice thing about this type of gift is that it doesn’t tie them down to going to any one specific place, but helps open the possibilities for them so that they can go anywhere they desire! You’ll be their favourite friend for years to come.

#2: Collectible Figurines

While you may be hesitant to buy your friends any type of home decor because everyone has their own taste, there’s no reason to hesitate when thinking about getting them a figurine gift.

Collectible figurines have a lot of different benefits. Not only are they valuable, but they are also meaningful. Figurines carry with them a certain type of sentimentalism that will always make them think of your friendship and their early days together when they look at it for years to come.

Try finding a collectible figurine set that won’t be too big or bulky to easily fit into any type of home decor setting. Check out Gift Giving All Wrapped Up to find some wonderful designs and collections.

#3: A Love Gift Basket

When you think gift basket, you might think of raffles or the holidays, but gift baskets don’t have to be limited to certain occasions!

Yes, putting together a gift basket for your newly engaged friends is a great idea!

The idea is that you will make them a “Love Gift Basket.” This basket can be used for them to have a special night in together, and it will have everything they need inside.

Include some (or all) of these items:

  • Candles
  • Cosy slippers
  • A romance flick that suits both of their tastes
  • A bottle of wine
  • A gift card for a local delivery restaurant
  • Chocolate

With these gifts, your favourite couple that just got engaged will be able to spend another night celebrating together!

#4: A Professional Photography Session

Many newly engaged couples like the idea of getting photos taken, but some find the cost to be prohibitive or simply don’t have the time to find a photographer.

Offer to your newly engaged friends (always ask first!) if you can help them do so. They might be astonished at first, but let them know that you want to help them capture their happiness forever, and they’ll be sure to let you help out in no time!