Best Solution to Sync OPPO Smartphones with Mac

Apple and OPPO smartphones run on separate operating systems, like OPPO runs on Android operating system where as Apple devices run on iOS. It is very difficult to sync both the devices. Users of OPPO smartphones often like to have Mac as desktop computer but struggle to sync both the devices. But there are software solutions that help to synchronize Android OPPO with Mac computer.

Although there is no permanent solution to sync both Android and Apple devices, still there are apps that makes this task easier to a great extent. Android File Transfer, a powerful tool which is been developed by Google can transfer media files between OPPO and Mac devices, but cannot synchronize both completely and is also not updated since year 2012.

Best Apps to sync OPPO Smartphones with Mac  


One of the best app SyncMate, an app to sync OPPO phones with Mac efficiently and effectively. It synchronizes Android and Apple devices such as OPPO and Mac but does not transfer files among each other. It updates calendars, personal contacts, Playlists, files and folders, web browsers between Android smartphone and Mac computer. It also installs OPPO on Mac as disk. SyncMate can send, read, create, manage call history, delete text messages and saves text in different file formats on Mac. It also supports multiple Android devices, thus if a user wants to change its smartphone model then the same can be easily synchronized with SyncMate.

Droid NAS

With the help of this app, user can share the smartphone folders on the network. It works efficiently with SD card, Camera, Music, Downloads and media files. This app does not sync the data between OPPO and Mac, but only transfers it. Droid NAS is not capable to support calendars and personal data.

Dukto R6

It is a simple app that easily transfers files between devices but cannot sync them. Its main feature is that it can also support Windows and Symbian OS apart from Mac and Android operating systems.


It is an app that carries full access to OPPO phones which helps it to transfer media files between OPPO and Mac. It easily installs, delete, import and backup Android apps and also manages personal data on Mac.